Massage Services

Massage Services

Relaxation Massage

Used to relax tired, overused muscles, promote circulation, and relieve stress.

1 Hour - $55 1/2 Hour - $30

Hot Stones Massage

Relaxation massage combined with the use of hot stones. Hot stones help to ease tight muscles and induce relaxation through heat and pressure.

1 Hour - $65 1/2 Hour - $40

Therapeutic Massage

Deeper techniques focused on specific areas and muscle groups in order to promote healing, relax knots, and restore function.

1 Hour - $55 1/2 Hour - $30

Time Saver Massage

The client remains fully dressed on the table and only one area is addressed, such as the neck/shoulders. This ideal for a quick massage during your lunch hour, you just have that "one spot" or when your schedule doesn't allow for a full 1 hour or 1/2 hour massage.

15 minutes - $15

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