Pamper Employee Program FAQ

What is a Pamper Event?

The Pamper Employee Program was created to provide exceptional chair massage demos to busy professionals in the corporate environment. By demonstrating our skills one-on-one, our presence provides an invigorating and energizing service to the company, while at the same time our touch is our marketing tool. It may lead to interest in our health and wellness clinic located in Forest.

Why would I want to book a Pamper Event date for my employees?

They will LOVE you for it! We rarely come across anyone who doesn't like massage. Since we simply show up on-site (taking only a 9x12 space), the Pamper Event is an easy, yet tremendous way to build your employee morale. Your employees will really appreciate you for providing them a day with complimentary massage service.

How much does it cost my company?

The Pamper Employee Program is COMPLIMENTARY to your company. We pick up the tab! As mentioned above, this is our marketing tool: touch! By exposing individuals to awesome touch, we are possibly creating new clients. Our focus is to do our best at pleasing your employees! It is surprising how many people have never taken the time to help themselves.

How easy is it to book a date?

All you have to do is pick a weekday within the next 2 months, call me to confirm the date is available, let your employees know the week of the Pamper Event, and sit back and enjoy a massage yourself!

Booked on a first-come-first-serve basis
To book or obtain more information call Dr. David Wimmer at (434) 845-9000
Or email at [email protected]