Success Stories

"I Thought I Would Have To Live With Pain the Rest of My Life"

For the past 20 years I have lived with constant lower back pain due to a compressed disk. I have severe pain from doing the simplest, everyday tasks such as putting on my socks and shoes. Every year it seemed to be getting worse and finally began to affect my work performance. Read More...

"Headaches, No Thanks!"

A few months ago, I had been waking up with headaches and neck pain almost on a daily basis. The neck pain had become constant for about 6 weeks and the pain was between a pain level of 6 and 7 out of 10! Within a two week period, I noticed a positive change with reduced neck pain and fewer headaches! Read More...

"Pain Was Getting the Best of Me"

For years, I had been living with numerous body pains.  I had gotten to the point where I thought I would just have to live with the pain that I was experiencing. Constant leg pain, low back pain, headaches and neck pain were all beginning to get the best of me! Read More...

"Five Years in Pain Was Enough..."

I had been experiencing pain off and on for over five years. The biggest complaint that I had, was my lower back pain. I had never thought of getting checked out for the pain, I just thought I would have to live with the pain. Read More...

"I move with ease now. Before, I had gotten to the point of being scared to bend or do much of anything. I have my life back." 

- Becky C.

"The simple exercises given to me really do help." 

- Joyce K.

"I like not having to wait long periods of time before my appointment starts." 

- Stefany T.

"No more frequent headaches." 

- Stacy C.

"I can relax more and do the scrapbooking I couldn't do before."

- Carolyn N.

"I had 7 surgeries and was told chiropractic could not help. My lower back pain and pain between my shoulders had gotten to the point that I did not want to move. Now, I can move around without constant pain and I have more energy." 

- Carline T.

"The doctor and assistant were friendly and seemed to be well qualified...In my job, I'm on my feet alot, lifting and climbing steps. Now - I'm faster and don't need as much assistance lifting." 

- Daphine D.

"More flexible and less pain." 

- Mary P.

"More stamina in anything I do. I am able to function better, especially standing on my feet for long periods." 

- Joyce F.

"Dr. Wimmer has shown much interest in my condition. I would recommend Dr. Wimmer to anyone." 

- Susie T.

"Professional, friendly, caring."

 - Leigh Ann D.